The Unicorn Centre

The Unicorn Centre teaches the spiritual truths in a safe, relaxing and grounded way. It was founded in 2003 by Margaret Merrison, who has been a professional healer since 1998 and a spiritual teacher since 2002.



Unicorns are pure high vibrational beings that love and revere all living things, including our wonderful planet, Earth. They are happiest in nature among natural woodland. Unicorns are making themselves known to high vibrational people who have a passion for helping others, nature and our beautiful Earth. Humans have not been treating their planet kindly during the past 100 years and the Unicorns are here to help us, in both a spiritual and a physical way, to love, respect, nurture and heal planet Earth. This will restore her energy so that she will eventually shine and radiate as the beautiful, high-vibrational world that she should be. 


Unicorn Energy

Unicorn energy works at the soul level and so helps us with our life purpose. Part of this is helping us through the rapid, unprecedented changes that our planet is currently experiencing. These changes will continue for a number of years until, eventually, it will be a high vibrational place where many living beings, including people, will dwell in peace, love and harmony with each other.

We have incarnated to experience life in a physical body and, because of this, we need to work with the physical elements, as well as enhance our spiritual aspects. The world is changing, not only due to spiritual transformation, but also due to climate change, oil running out and economic collapse. The ultimate goal is to acheive a simpler way of life, where we do as little harm to the planet as possible and live in touch with nature and her rhythms.

In order for these changes to be as smooth as possible, we should adopt a high vibrational way of living and thinking now. This not only involves thinking and caring about ourselves, but others, the planet, all living beings and all that there is. It helps to embrace the permaculture motto of:


Earth Care - People Care - Fair Share


Any of the books written by Margaret Merrison will help you raise your vibration levels. Take a look and see which resonate with you.