How to be a Brilliant Spiritual Teacher

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How to Be a Brilliant Spiritual Teacher is a step-by-step guide to lead others in spiritual meetings and courses. By following the guidance in this comprehensive book, you will be totally prepared and have the confidence to help others with their spiritual paths in a grounded and safe way.

How to Be a Brilliant Spiritual Teacher tells you how to make sure that you, your environment and your spiritual teaching skills will help people relax, enjoy and get the best from the time they are with you. It gives guidance and a number of examples of how to safely open and close meetings, lead visualisations, meditations and activities. You will also be shown how people learn and memorise, as well as put a good programme together, which also includes examples. How to Be a Brilliant Spiritual Teacher also tells you how to organise a spiritual course or meeting, as well as the associated administration.


If you want to lead your own spiritual groups, How to Be a Brilliant Spiritual Teacher is the book for you.

A Review from Amazon

This book is very informative, detailed and fully equips you to put together workshops and courses. Reading Margaret's book felt like being back at The Unicorn Centre all over again as Margaret has been able to incorporate the magic she has when she has when she teaches into this book. I thoroughly recommend it! ES