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Pure Holistic Healing will take you on a wonderful journey with the energies that participate in a healing treatment, including the life-force energy, the energy of the recipient and invited energies from the higher realms. The healing effect of these combined vibrations is enhanced when the healer works in unison with them, using their intuition, working unreservedly with all levels of the recipient and doing what they sense is right for the highest good of all concerned.

Pure Holistic Healing will help you connect, understand and work together with the healing energies in a completely safe and effective manner, while dispelling many human myths regarding healing.


Pure Holistic Healing explains how to give a healing treatment while working in full cooperation with the healing energies in a safe and grounded way without interference from human rules and regulations. This book also describes further healing methods, such as visualised meditation, removing unwanted energies and blockages, psychic surgery and much more. A whole chapter is devoted to advice on many different health and lifestyle subjects, such as self-healing, methods for changing mindsets and raising lower emotions, lifestyle advice and other good health practices, so that the recipient can take their health into their own hands and live a happier, more contented, fulfilling life. If you wish to become a holistic healing practitioner, another chapter is dedicated to informing you about starting a healing practice and working professionally as a healer.


Pure Holistic Healing works directly with the healing energies for the maximum benefit of the recipient and is simple to use. If you are new to healing or are already a healer in any discipline, Pure Holistic Healing will greatly enhance your healing practice.


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