True Being: A Beginner's Guide to Finding, Walking and Enjoying Your Spiritual Path


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True Being is a great book if you want to discover the higher realms and develop your understanding of your own unique spirituality in a safe, grounded and protected way. Through this text, you will learn how to find your spiritual path, realise who you really are and why you are here now. With step-by-step guidance for meditation and visualisation, you will experience connecting with your spirit guides, angels and ascended masters. You will discover your aura and chakras, as well as planetary energy, dowsing, healing, our future world and much more.


There are many activities spread throughout True Being to help you experience the energies and consolidate the information, as well as a number of stories that will help you bring the spiritual realms into your world of everyday living.


True Being is also a brilliant comprehensive guide for those leading spiritual groups or circles because, as well as the information, there are activities and meditations for each subject that can easily be incorporated into group sessions.


True Being is a user-friendly book that you will turn to again and again for inspiration on your journey of spiritual discovery.


Is True Being For Me?

Many people are 'waking up' to spiritual awareness by feeling more love and compassion for others, experiencing unusual phenomena, wondering about other realms, their existence and who they truly are. Are some of these things happening to you? If so, you are raising your energy vibrations and connecting with the higher realms and True Being has been written for you. This book will help you to evolve and progress on your pre-determined spiritual path.


If you are already on your spiritual journey, but are seeking guidance, help or more basic knowledge, this book is also for you. True Being will help you consolidate what you already know, possibly fill gaps in your knowledge and help to accelerate your development. The visualised meditations, activities and stories will help to confirm your understanding.


How Do I Experience the Spiritual Realms?

True Being will help you have your own unique experiences of the higher energies, angels, spirit guides and ascended masters. Because we are all different, energy in the spiritual realms manifests to people in various ways. You may see mysticism in the form of colours or images, which is clairvoyance. You may feel subtle energies, which is clairsentience. You many hear the higher beings, which is clairaudience or you may simply have an inner knowing and this is claircognisance. Most people can experience the spiritual realms with all the senses to a certain extent, but one or two will be much clearer than the others.


A Review from Amazon

"If you are wondering what 'all that spiritual stuff is about', or you are already spiritually aware and want to know more, then this is the book for you. Margaret Merrison has written a fascinating and comprehensive guide to healing therapies, meditation, angels, chakras, karma, and much more. Being an experienced healer, teacher and leader of workshops at the popular Unicorn Centre, the author leads us on a journey of discovery which is clearly mapped and written in an easy friendly style, both inspiring and reassuring. For example, did you know that 'the silver violet flame' is a tool that can be called upon to release negative energy and replace it with something of a higher frequency? She goes on to explain how it is very simple to use and suggests ways in which everyone can do it in the privacy of their own home and heart.


True Being is a very important book for all of us. We learn that we can change our lives and enhance our awareness with these easy and delightful techniques. I can't help thinking how the world would change if such a book was essential reading for all young people in schools and colleges. It's a treasure trove which should stay on the family bookshelf for years." Elaine Clover


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