What Are Unicorns?

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This concise book about unicorns will answer many questions about these great, playful, pure beings from the higher realms. As well as What Are Unicorns?, questions such as: Are unicorns real?  Are unicorns mythical creatures? How do unicorns evolve? or How do I know unicorns are here? will be answered, as well as providing more unicorn information than you can imagine.

With step-by-step guidance, What Are Unicorns? will help you raise and purify your vibrations, so you can easily connect with the wonderful, natural energy of the unicorns in a safe way. By reading What Are Unicorns?, you will recognise unicorn signs in everyday life and connect with your own personal unicorn guide in one of the many visualisation-type meditations. You will learn why unicorns are here and how they evolve. You will meet their friends and experience giving and receiving unicorn healing. You will understand their sensitivities to energies and how to help them in their work, especially caring for our wonderful planet Earth.


Throughout What Are Unicorns? are many stories of unicorns connecting with people to help them in their everyday life, which will assist in bringing them into your world. What Are Unicorns? is further complemented with beautiful images of unicorns, making it a magical, as well as an informative book to read.


If you are interested in unicorns and want to learn how to experience their magnificent energy, What Are Unicorns? is the book for you.


A Review from Amazon

For anyone who is wondering what exactly are unicorns ? Are they myth, magic or just fantasy ?
Or is there anything more to them ?


Margaret is a very experienced spiritual teacher who has a personal deep connection with the Spiritual World. Through this connection she facilitates the unicorns to touch other people and enrich their lives. She is able to help people to tune into the unicorn dimension and energies and make their own personal connection with these magnificent beings of light or ascended horses.


Basically unicorns are ascended beings who are here to help all of us in this day and age to reconnect to the Divine energies in all of us. The unicorns can open the doorway to your own spiritual growth and help you to understand more about the whys and wherefores of life and your own place in the system.


I recommend this book as a true account of how to unlock your own spiritual progress with the help of the spirit of the horse or unicorn as an ascended horse's soul /spirit is called. J P




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