Margaret Merrison

Margaret Merrison founded The Unicorn Centre in 2003. She is a reiki master, an author and a permaculture designer. She has been a professional healer since 1998 and is now a retired spiritual teacher. When she was teaching, she facilitated courses in Angels, Unicorns, Spiritual Beginners, Angel and Unicorn Healing, Reiki, Teacher Training, Spiritual Correspondence Courses and more. Working with the higher spiritual realms is part of Margaret's daily life, as well as generating her own electricity and growing her own organic food and wood for heating with her husband at her home in Devon, South West England. She shares her wisdom through her work to introduce the energies of the higher realms in a safe and meaningful way. 


Margaret is also dedicated to helping our wonderful planet and trained to become a permaculture designer in 2009. She is mindful of our world's finite resources and the distress that humans are causing our wonderful planet. She brings awareness of the planet's energies and how we can help on a physical, as well as a spiritual level in most of her books.


Recommendation on LinkedIn from JA:

"Margaret is a warm, supportive and caring person and an excellent teacher. She knows her subject matter in depth, but is humble in her approach and delivery, which makes everyone feel included and valued. She is totally professional at all times and very gifted in writing her own workshops and now a book. Her workshops are very reasonably priced as she is keen to share her knowledge with as many people as possible. Learning with Margaret will take you on a spiritual journey you will never forget, and always be thankful for. Namaste."